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Letha Muhammad

Letha Muhammad is the Executive Director for the Education Justice Alliance (EJA), based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Muhammad is working to advance the organization's mission to dismantle the School to Prison and School to Deportation Pipeline in her local school district, Wake County Public Schools, and to increase public education equity across other districts in North Carolina. She believes that working with parents, students, and families directly impacted by these issues is one of the most effective ways to contribute.


As such, her work includes engagement and leadership training with parents, students, and community members to ensure they know their rights and how to advocate for themselves and their students. Working with other community stakeholders and organizations to bring awareness to the issue of school pushout and the criminalization of Black and Brown students is another one of her key roles as director. Muhammad represents EJA on the Coordinating Committee of the National Dignity in Schools Campaign and serves as co-chair on their fundraising/finance committee. She also serves on the Coordinating Committee for Every Child NC, a statewide coalition working to ensure equitable funding for our public schools.


Muhammad is a member of the Muslims for Social Justice (MSJ) and on the steering committee for the Movement to End Racism and Islamophobia (MERI). She is a wife and the mother of one school-age child and two young adults.

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