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Why College Programs for Students with Disabilities?

Post-secondary Experiences of Black Disabled Students

General Session
Saturday April 30, 2022

On belonging and becoming self-determined

“I feel like I belong here! This is my first choice for College” - 18 year old African American disabled youth who decided to attend a post-secondary program away from home.

Description: Far too many disabled high school students do not receive adequate transition support and training to prepare for college. As such, disabled students and their parents are being left behind by school systems.  In North Carolina alone, four out of five students seeking higher education in the UNC system’s inclusive post-secondary education programs for people with intellectual disabilities (ID) cannot do so. Additionally, when race is factored into the equation, Black disabled students and other racially underrepresented disabled groups are further marginalized. 


This student panel will feature current students and recent college graduates. They will discuss their experiences navigating colleges and universities as Black students with disabilities.  Panelists will be invited to explore the ways high school did or did not prepare them adequately for collegiate success, tools and support services available to them while in college, and what might help future students with similar challenges get the most out of an undergraduate degree program. Recent graduates will also be invited to reflect on their transition from college student to independent adult.

Panelists: Jabreel N. Brandon, Allen Thomas, Jamison Wilson, Allencia Hinnant                  
Moderator: Dekendrick Murray

Commentator: Dr. Layla D. Brown

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