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Advocacy 101:

Knowing Your Legal Rights & How to Ensure Proper Supports for Your Child

Concurrent Session
Saturday April 30, 2022

Racial Differences

"If my son had a meltdown, he was called “aggressive” If his same age white peer did the same thing, he is having “sensory issues.” I asked them why they made that distinction, and I said to them that you need to be very careful with language usage because it can be very damaging and it can have a negative impact on my son and how others see him. I did not want them to lose sight of the disability because of the behavior, something that I believe happens a lot to children of color. I also argued for cultural competency training for staff who exhibit biases against my child and other children of color." - African American mom of 7 year old son

Description: Attorneys and community-based partners discuss vital issues that students with disabilities face in school and what legal rights students have, along with concrete strategies for advocating support they need to succeed.

Panelists: Cari Carson, M. Alex Evans, Crystal Grant 

Moderator: Letha Muhammad

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